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The Future of Relief

Eskerium exists to give people alternatives, by providing access to the highest quality Cannabinoid Products and Delivery Systems.

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Purpose Driven

Our goal is to share the true potential of hemp with the world by providing the very best CBD experiences possible. Each purchase allows us to reinvest into Research and Development.
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Superior Quality

The equipment and standards we use ensure the highest quality end product - from the way the biomass is processed to storage.
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Bioavailability Designed

With over 10 years of experience in creating award-winning formulations, we know that products and their delivery methods must be designed to be absorbed by the body.

About us


In addition to using the highest quality ingredients, we specialize in building and managing the advanced laboratory infrastructure needed to make the world's most effective CBD products.

Why Us

Your Well-Being is our Main Priority.

We formulate and design products that support overall health. From topicals to oils and inhalables that support the benefits that CBD can provide.

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Our products are processed and formulated to get results.

Sean B
Anxiety Relief
My travel anxiety has disappeared when I use the CBD vapes, and I love the calm feeling without being high.
Glen S
Pain Free Knees
Hurt both my knees 3 years ago and have been in pain since, after 3 weeks of using the cream and the daily drops, I am pain free!
Ricky F
Walking again after 1 day
I twisted my knee so bad I could barely walk and after applying the cream the next day I could walk and no swelling. This stuff works!
Tom D
Quick Recovery
I've used CBD before and wasn't expecting much. But I'm getting up there in age. Using the relief cream I can go on my daily bike ride with no issues.
Garron B
Dad is playing guitar again
My dad is a disabled vet, has had so many issues and arthritis. I've given him other CBD product and he said he felt better, but the Polar Gold lotion he started using and days later he was playing the guitar again! Amazing!

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